La Mercerissima

Rome, Italy
Sewing and craft supplies
Email open rate62.93%
Email click rate15.87%

La Mercerissima uses Metrilo's automated email campaigns to engage customers

This increased their open rate to 62.93% and CTR to 15.87%.


  • The company felt the need to engage its customers with automated email campaigns, but the tools were unfriendly to use and building the campaigns was counter-intuitive.
  • All email tools charge by contact list size and yet failed to deliver results good enough.


  • La Mercerissima found Metrilo and now uses us for automated email campaigns.
  • They find setting up the campaigns "very easy".
  • They like the fact that Metrilo is not paid by contact list size.


  • Email automation increased their open rate to 62.93% and CTR to 15.87%.
  • These are all-time highs for the company with any tool they’ve used.
  • With these results, email automation became a regular marketing activity.

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