Identify growth problems

With Metrilo you find out what stops you from selling more

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Immediately get answers to the following questions:

Why isn't my brand growing as much as I want it to?
How can I make strategic decisions fast?
Am I keeping my customers after their first order?

Metrilo detects growth problems

Metrilo’s approach to data is inspired by the challenges of the store owners we’ve worked with.

Our analytics are tailored to provide meaningful insight to decision makers so you can create and execute your growth strategy. To act, you need to understand what’s going on first.

"I never thought about my existing customers so much before"
An eCommerce founder on Capterra

Data you can trust

Metrilo’s seamless integration with WooCommerce, Shopify and Magento ensures spot-on reporting of all essential data. When you see the whole picture, you can drive growth.

What results to expect

30% optimization in marketing resource spent How?
60% faster decision making How?
+48% better Retention Rates How?

How does Metrilo help marketing optimization?

Matches marketing campaigns with revenue numbers
Gives clear view of long-term return from newly acquired customers
Tracks customer experience on the website to keep conversion rate in check

How does Metrilo improve decision making?

Instant and reliable data available anytime
Reports built for decision makers on top of online customer brands
Actionable analytics and reports that give pure insights

How does Metrilo help you increase retention rate?

Discovers hesitant buyers and helps you get repeat orders
You’ll know what products and channels bring loyal customers
Retention matrix shows you when to send emails

WOWtea doubled their revenue in the first 6 months of using Metrilo by sending targeted emails

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Segafredo Zanetti uses Metrilo to sort out its customer data and to personalize its communication with customers

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Viral Passion uses Metrilo to run extremely personalized email marketing for its clients

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La Mercerissima uses Metrilo's automated email campaigns to engage customers

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"Metrilo is allowing me to identify problems and opportunities"
An eCommerce marketer on GetApp
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